Services and Benefits

MIPS reporting, EHR documentation challenges, and denied reimbursements are but a few of the challenges currently taxing America’s healthcare systems. But physicians do not need to shoulder the demands of these ancillary duties on their own. CIMS is a trusted partner in numerous hospital specialty departments, clinics, and emergency departments. We provide a variety of innovative, professional, and cost-effective solutions with reliability and integrity to alleviate the administrative strains on physician performance. Our clinical information management services liberate providers from the burdens of documentation so that they have more time to dedicate themselves to more engaged, satisfying, and higher quality patient care that improves clinical outcomes. In any practice environment, our CISs can help your clinical providers spend less time in the EMR, complete high-quality charts, improve clinic flow, and engage patients for a superior connection. Explore the more specialized benefits CIMS can help you target and achieve for your clinical environment:


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