Job Responsibilities and Requirements

Job Responsibilities:
As a Medical Scribe you will be responsible for accurate documentation, data collection, and retrieving patient information the physician will need to make the best evidence based clinical decision. This will include:

  • Data gathering for all medical encounters
  • Preparation of discharge paperwork and/or prescriptions
  • Data mining for all needed comparisons and decision making
  • Serve as a customer service liaison
  • Documentation entry into electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Preparing plans for follow-up care


  • Punctuality
  • Follow and observe a physician for extended periods of time
  • Manage a stressful and fast-paced environment
  • Read, write and comprehend through listening
  • Speak fluent English – Secondary languages may be required at some locations
  • Operate a computer and/ or laptop through proficient typing, clicking and viewing a monitor for extended periods
  • Write legibly by hand
  • Highly motivated and experience-driven
  • Pre-health track (pre-med, pre-PA, pre-nursing) or interest in human relations preferred
  • No clinical experience required to apply


C2 Solutions Inc. provides health care systems with the answer to the increasing demand for means to increase efficiency and quality. C2 Solutions unloads the provider's burden of data collection and entry allowing the provider to spend more time with patient while a trained clinical information manager enters the data, retrieves information and pop up tools the health care provider needs to make the best evidence based clinical decisions. Physicians will be permitted to work at the level of their license and reinstate the bond between physician and patient that leads to overall wellness.