Elizabeth Owen BSN, RN CEN, IN

Clinical Operations Manager

Elizabeth earned an Associate's Degree in Nursing from Harrisburg Area Community College in 2000. Her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing came from American Sentinel University in 2013, and she is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Nursing Informatics through American Sentinel University.

Elizabeth began her nursing career in 2000 as a CardioThoracic Post-Operative staff nurse at PinnacleHealth Systems, Harrisburg, PA. She served as a preceptor to graduate nurses and Charge Nurse of the unit until transferring to the PinnacleHealth Emergency Department at Harrisburg Hospital in 2003.

As PinnacleHealth System evolved, so did Elizabeth. She has held numerous positions within the Emergency Department, including Triage Nurse, Charge Nurse, Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) Instructor. She most recently became the Clinical Informatics Nurse for all three EDs.

Some of her proudest accomplishments include obtaining Certification in Emergency Nursing (CEN) in 2012 and successfully implementing a new computerized documentation and physician order entry (CPOE) system throughout the PinnacleHealth Systems' Emergency Service line. This process transformed the department from one relying on paper documentation and ordering to computerized entries.

Elizabeth's specialties include overcoming challenges posed by electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry and use, along with the organization and training of staff to the documentation system. She continues to work clinically in the emergency department as well as maintaining her Emergency Department Information Service position and graduate courses.