Start Taking Care of Patients Again

At a time when healthcare systems are pressing to increase efficiency and combat provider burn out, the Electronic Medical Record is making those efforts an uphill fight. The mandate to document in the EMR to meet the emerging host of clinical quality metrics and regulatory data requirements have compelled clinicians to devote hours to their non-valued clerical workload and pulled them away from patient care. To decrease documentation requirements imposed on the clinical end-user, our team provides professionally trained Clinical Information Specialists who integrate their expertise with our suite of technologies, including front-end NLP to back-end coding, billing, and RCM modules, to improve EMR engagement, all while humanizing the focus on patient care

Based on comprehensive consultation and assessment of your practice’s current workflow and desired outcomes, we offer tailored and turnkey services powered by our technology-based Clinical Information Specialist program. Leveraging our clinical information specialists’ expertise, CIMS’s suite of technologies, and the best of the EMR, we improve your clinical documentation workflow and productivity, profoundly enhance patient and physician satisfaction, and enhance opportunities for your providers to make the best evidence-based clinical decisions and achieve better outcomes.